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GE:R - Erika, MALICE - OC by Cipiteca396 GE:R - Erika, MALICE - OC :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 2 0 Sil, Succubus Sorceress by Cipiteca396 Sil, Succubus Sorceress :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 9 2 Livibee by Cipiteca396 Livibee :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 31 4 Lady 2? by Cipiteca396 Lady 2? :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 5 0 Royal Tutor by Cipiteca396 Royal Tutor :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 6 0 Lady by Cipiteca396 Lady :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 10 2 Practice Poses by Cipiteca396 Practice Poses :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 1 2 Warframe Medusa Concept by Cipiteca396 Warframe Medusa Concept :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 1 0 Warframe Medusa Concept by Cipiteca396 Warframe Medusa Concept :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 5 0 Diablo 3 Entry Wizard by Cipiteca396 Diablo 3 Entry Wizard :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 5 0 Doubt by Cipiteca396 Doubt :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 1 0 Ref Portrait6 by Cipiteca396 Ref Portrait6 :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 6 0 Ref Portrait5 by Cipiteca396 Ref Portrait5 :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 3 0 Ref Portrait2 - ask first(retouch) by Cipiteca396 Ref Portrait2 - ask first(retouch) :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 23 3 Ref Pose1 by Cipiteca396 Ref Pose1 :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 1 0 Ref Portrait4 - ask first by Cipiteca396 Ref Portrait4 - ask first :iconcipiteca396:Cipiteca396 1 0

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GE:R - Erika, MALICE - OC
I played through God Eater Resurrection a few... months... ago. Finally finished this after much procrastination/nit picking. I say finished, but as always I just mean I won't be working on it anymore.

Anyways, she was meant to be a short sword/ sniper user, but I ended up using charge spear/ assault gun cuz I liked the mechanics better(buckler for shield in both cases). I ended up with the "Javelin" spear line, the "Gigas Cannon" rifle line, and a couple different shields, mostly "Tear Stone" though. I will say, most of my fights just involved me flinging myself around the screen with predator styles. Those things were almost better than any melee option. :P

I found that, despite all the monster hunting I spent most of my time picking my outfit. XP So that's what this picture is.

Edit: Forgot to mention. I got a Wacom tablet for Christmas and used it to make this in Corel Painter Essentials 5. I still don't know what brushes to use for this whole digital painting thing. Sweating a little... 
Sil, Succubus Sorceress
Okay, discovered that making too many edits to a submission stops letting it be considered the same picture. :facepalm: 
This may be as done as it gets, if I want to do better I'll start from scratch.


My characters tend to be unnaturally good aligned, since I can't be evil very easily, and Sil is no exception. I built her using D&D 5.E rules, but she's too strong to be an actual adventurer. Even the things that are meant to balance her would just end up putting the spotlight on her, which would get annoying really fast for anyone else in the party.

She was raised by a cleric for a little less than ten years, before she ran away. She spent the next 30-40 years moving from city to city, using her illusion magic and charms to earn a peaceful if somewhat unlawful living. As a result of her time spent manipulating people and avoiding the detection of possible enemies, she always knows when she's being watched, and can convince most people of anything even without her spells. Any time she wasn't spending just to survive, she sought fiercely after knowledge of other demons and of her own magic, trying to figure out how best to keep her fiendish nature in check. As a result, she knows a great deal about fiends and other similar creatures.

In a fight, she tends to hang back and try to deceive her enemies while she escapes. Failing that, a sleep spell will suffice(at low levels). In groups or at high levels, she tends to support her allies rather than directly assault the enemy. Her illusions can trick the enemy to think they are outnumbered or can't reach allies. Her other spells allow her to defend herself or increase her allies' effectiveness in a fight, and when she runs out of useful spells, she continues to support by flanking targets or slowing enemies with ray of frost.

She's unnaturally lucky, possibly what resulted in her not growing up in the hells or a jail cell. She tries to remain calm under any circumstance, and she never raises her voice. Possibly due to her own nature, she believes there is good in everyone, and will try to find peaceful solutions to her problems. She is deeply grateful to humanity as a whole, as she believes that the only reason she isn't a monster is because of the place she's found amongst them. Despite this, she has trouble trusting others, even her closest friends. And if something proves to be irredeemably evil, she can have a hard time restraining her rage.

She isn't terribly religious, but her adoptive father was a cleric of Eldath, so she tries to maintain good relations with churches devoted to her. She doesn't spend more than 6 months in any one city, so she has many disguises and covers that she can pick up if she returns to a city she's been to before. Naturally, these covers may be more or less viable depending on how long it's been since she's been to that city. After all, any human friends she made might have died of old age or something, and her own disguise would have aged similarly.


Made with DeviantArt muro
You know, background might have been a mistake. It just means more shading, lol. And I can't seem to draw grass or leaves, though I'm currently blaming that on the lack of appropriate brushes. Still, It's nice to finally be rid of all that white emptiness.

Made with DeviantArt muro
Looking at it from a distance, it doesn't look bad...
I'm looking forward to shading. Maybe. No. I'm terrified. I'm gonna mess it up, I might be able to put it off by drawing a background. But not yet, I'm tired.

Made with DeviantArt muro
The longer an Angel remains grounded, the blacker her wings get...


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